петак, 30. децембар 2011.

Bordel SS (1978)

Bordel SS
A Brothel in Paris USA (informal title)
Bordello a Parigi Italy
Freudenhaus 42 West Germany
Piaceri a Parigi Italy (DVD box title)
SS Bordello USA (literal English title)
The Red Devils
Freudenhaus ou Bordell SS
Nazisploitation porn film (an interesting combo) about a

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среда, 28. децембар 2011.

Tarzun and the Valley of Lust (1970)

Tarzun and the Valley of Lust
TARZUN AND THE VALLEY OF LUST - a "Storefront-Theater" classic - in which a young, virile Jungle Man does battle with a laughable looking man-in-monkey-suit before lowering the loin-cloth for both Jayne, his platinum-blonde squeeze, and Meena. a jungle goddess who

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понедељак, 26. децембар 2011.

Liaisons coupables (1987)

Liaisons coupables
Liaisons Guilty
Liaisons coupables is a little film in which the members of a family and their relatives demonstrate how united they are.
A brother in love with his sister dreads the moment she will be leaving home, because she's getting married. The mother tells her

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петак, 23. децембар 2011.

Merry X-Miss (1986)

Merry X-Miss
Merry X-Miss USA (video box title)
Get ready for the “X-Miss” treat of a lifetime! Ted and Donna just want to spend a quiet holiday weekend in the mountains, but before you can say “kiss my mistletoe” a cherry-red corvette pulls up and disrupts all their plans. It's

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среда, 21. децембар 2011.

Nympho Hookers (1970)

Nympho Hookers
Historica Erotica gets ready to tuck you in with the raunchiest bedtime stories for adults. A hot and horny collection filled with the most sex-crazed sluts imaginable. Have sweet dreams of large, soft titties...sweet, tight cunts and hungry mouths just ready to swallow load after

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Les charmes secrets de Miss Todd (1988)

Les charmes secrets de Miss Todd
La Timida segretaria Italy

Tracey ADAMS, together with very cute girls, exposes herself in this indecently smashing hot production by Marc DORCEL. A festival of double penetrations, close-up shots of sodomies, delicate fellatios, lesbian love and

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уторак, 06. децембар 2011.

The Big Bird Cage (1972)

The Big Bird Cage
Women's Penitentiary II (undefined)
The Big Bird Cage was the third women in prison (WIP) movie produced by Roger Corman's New World Pictures within just two years, beginning with THE BIG DOLL HOUSE and WOMEN IN CAGES, both released in 1971. In spite of the similar

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понедељак, 05. децембар 2011.

Night Vibes (1990)

Night Vibes
Double Outrage Anal (Maeva Video)
Night Caller (Re-released by Golden Age Media)

Join Chessie on her nighttime sexcapades and this adventure will certainly blow your mind! Chessie gives another first class performance which you’ll find hard to believe!

Director: C.

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недеља, 04. децембар 2011.

Love Inferno (1977)

Love Inferno
Love Inferno is the story of a smouldering family conflict which ends in disaster.
Dominique and Monique are brother and sister. Their father Alfons has died recently and their mother, Lena, has married Richard, an unsympathic older guy whom they dislike. Richard's affair with

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Devil in Miss Jones (1973)

Devil in Miss Jones
Djävulen i Miss Jones Sweden
El diablo en la señorita Jones Spain
El diablo y Miss Jones Argentina
Miss Jones Italy (recut version)
O Diabo na Carne de Miss Jones Brazil (imdb display title)
The Devil in Miss Jones opens as Justine Jones, a lonely virgin spinster,

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субота, 03. децембар 2011.

Secretary Rope Discipline (1981)

Secretary Rope Discipline
Aka Dan Oniroku: Onna hisho nawa chyokyoBased on a novel by Oniroku Dan, Hidehiro Ito directs this tale of bondage, rape and lesbians.
Caught spying for the competition a sexy salary gal is taken to the CEO’s private discipline chamber and made to take more than a

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петак, 02. децембар 2011.

House of Dreams (1990)

House of Dreams
An 80 minute erotic dream featuring masturbation, straight, gay and kinky sex. No dialogue, interesting sets and photography.
House of Dreams takes you beyond all boundaries to bring you into a world of staggering sexual desire.
Join Zara Whites as she embarks on an

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четвртак, 01. децембар 2011.

Hot Dreams (1983)

Hot Dreams
Superior stuff from Warren Evans in the throwback tradition of PASSIONS OF CAROL. Sharon Mitchell is married to Michael Bruce and has all kinds of flashes to sexual fantasies constantly ruining her train-of-reality thought. That's the storyline of Hot Dreams, and superior sex mixed

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