среда, 30. новембар 2011.

Das Frauenhaus (1977)

Das Frauenhaus
Blue Rita
The very limited plot of Das Frauenhaus concerns a Parisian nightclub, named, appropriately, Das Frauenhaus, where powerful and important men are captured by the club's dancers and trapped in a cage. Once in this place, a victim is doused in a green liquid that

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уторак, 29. новембар 2011.

Journey Among Women (1977)

Journey Among Women
Viaje alrededor de la mujer - Spain
Wild Queens - West Germany
In Journey Among Women ten convict women escape from the fetid Hell of a colonial prison cell, and from the brutality and sexual abuse of their gaolers. In the Australian bush they live in wild harmony

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понедељак, 28. новембар 2011.

Au caprice des dames (1982)

Au caprice des dames
Busy Butler Blue Climax, probably the same film
In Au caprice des dames Nicole Segaud is at breakfast with husband Jacques Nicaud. Breakfast is served by butler Jean-Pierre Armand. He peeps on them while they have sex before Jacques goes to work. Then Nicole bathes and

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недеља, 27. новембар 2011.

Lips (1981)

Passage To Pleasure

Lips is sex filled staring Vanessa Del Rio Latina love legend... in her best and her top sex scenes! Vanessa Del Rio Latina Goddess is wild, hot, and mouth watering. This will keep you licking your LIPS!!
Take the passage to pleasure! A lust filled look at the

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субота, 26. новембар 2011.

Viziose (1995)

Viziose (1995)
No description can be found.

Director: M. Dry
Studio: Stars Pictures
Cast: Beth Davlor, Dina Pearl, Gloria Del Monte, John Cab, Mike Foster, Tito

Size: 1015 MB
Duration: 01:27:49
Quality: DVDRip
Fotmat: mp4
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 640x480 25.00fps 1485

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Diario di una collegiale (1978)

Diario di una collegiale
Collégiennes à tout faire
Femmine vogliose
Fick Academy Part 1
Das Geile Mädchenpensionat
De Villiga Vänninorna På Internatet
Marilyn Jess has a b/g scene in car with an unidentified male at start of film. She is discovered by her

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Extases très particulières (1981)

Extases très particulières
La Vorace
Beauty Body
Club de plaisirs
Extases très particulières
Insaziabile e morbose
The story centres round a sex club. Marilyn Jess lives with Elisabeth Buré and Nicole Segaud arrives on a visit. Everyone seems to be getting some apart from Marilyn

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четвртак, 24. новембар 2011.

Une Femme honnete (1981)

Une Femme honnete
French Flesh USA, dubbed, DVD Classic X
Lady's Desire Color Climax, Blue Climax 453 (minus rape in undergournd car park)
Mary and her husband have sex. Mary goes out and is assaulted and raped by a man who she finds trying to steal her car in the underground car park

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понедељак, 21. новембар 2011.

Secrets (1990)

Secrète France (cable TV title)

A madam who operates a ring of expensive, high-class call girls in Beverly Hills relates her own experiences and fantasies as well as those of the girls who work for her.

Director: Andrew Blake
Studio: Caballero Home Video

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недеља, 20. новембар 2011.

Desire (1990)

Art of Desire

Desire is another film starring with the goddess Sandra Scream that his a masterpiece. She is truly bless by the gods, I never thought that someone could be so talented in this little world. And what about Racquel Darrian, Zara Whites and all the others, this movie

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субота, 19. новембар 2011.

The Big Doll House (1971)

The Big Doll House
Female prisoners in a Phillippine jail are being subjected to sadistic torture. Five of the women--along with the help of two men--plot an escape. (Josiah Howard, "Blaxploitation Cinema: The Essential Reference Guide.")
The Big Doll House is not a plot-driven film. The

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Twisted Head (1970's)

Twisted Head
Vanessa Del Rio cums to the party and does what she does best ... giving the best BJ she can give. Your cock will yearn for more after watching her go all the way down ... pass the balls.

Director: Unknown
Distributor: Historic Erotica
Cast: Vanessa Del Rio...

Size: 847

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петак, 18. новембар 2011.

La Ceinture de chastete (1989)

La Ceinture de chastete

La Ceinture de chasteté
The Chastity Belt
La Cintura di castità Italy, Stars Pictures
The Guard of Chastity Germany, S.A.P.
In La Ceinture de chastete Carole Gaël is made to wear a chastity belt by jealous husband Roberto Malone. There are lots of sexual

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четвртак, 17. новембар 2011.

When Men Carried Clubs and Women Played Ding-Dong (1971)

When Men Carried Clubs and Women Played Ding-Dong
Quando gli uomini armarono la clava e... con le donne fecero din-don (original title)
The dopey Cave Dwellers and the disgusting Lake People just can't seem to get along. The males constantly make "war" with each other by engaging in rather

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Bacchanale (1970)

This erotic exploitation film uses a dream-fantasy sequence to stage the sex scenes. A woman fantasizes she is the top model and the corpse at a fashion-show/funeral combo. The obligatory lesbian scene involves her going to the cave of a high priestess for some hands-on healing. She

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среда, 16. новембар 2011.

The Woman in Pink (1984)

The Woman in Pink
The Woman in Pink is titillating take-off on the mainstream hit The Woman in Red, Tom Byron plays a guy celebrating his 30th birthday with a couple of chums. While they try and get him in on their girl-groping fun, Tom insists on staying true to his luscious wife Christy

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La Maison des phantasmes (1978)

La Maison des phantasmes
Clarisse theatrical release title
Clarisse - Made for Love Germany, Tabu / Love video
Je mouille pour vous
Take a couple of chapters of Lady Chatterley, mixed with some pages from Madame Bovary, then transport into the seventies and

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уторак, 15. новембар 2011.

Daughters of Lesbos (1968)

Daughters of Lesbos
Dominique in DAUGHTERS OF LESBOS: this is one sleazy picture, one that could have possibly been directed by Michael Findlay or John Amero under the pseudonym "Peter Woodcock." From the opening scene, fans of seedy NYC cinema will be in heaven! Three of my favorite 60s

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Cuisses ouvertes (1980)

Cuisses ouvertes
Initiation à l'échangisme
Shared with Strangers
Los Conejos jugosos
Pornografia campagnola
Wenn die Gier erwacht
Wilde heiße Katzen
France Lomay's husband (Jacques Gatteau) is a salesman of sexy undies who calls on Dominique Saint Clair. She invites him to watch

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понедељак, 14. новембар 2011.

Water Power (1977)

Water Power
Enema Bandit
A psychopath is on the loose in New York forcibly administering enemas on his unsuspecting victims. His assaults become more violent as time goes on.
Think Taxi Driver with hardcore scenes, only instead of blasting pimps away, the Water Power (enema bandit) is

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недеља, 13. новембар 2011.

Emanuelle in Bangkok (1976)

Emanuelle in Bangkok
Emanuelle nera: Orient reportage (original title)
Journalist Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) travels to the Orient to interview a close relative of a King, but comes too close to uncovering official secrets for the state's liking. Her hotel room is ransacked and her passport

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субота, 12. новембар 2011.

A Little Nookie (1992)

A Little Nookie
Poor Jon, as 'hard' as he tries, he just can't get his beautiful wife, Ashley Nicole, to get excited. Jon's getting hornier by the moment, and when he tells his best friend about the situation, the friend suggests that he might give it a try, and see if he can melt the iceberg.

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College Coeds (1960's)

College Coeds
Thirty years ago the adult film contained in this package shocked and disgusted even the most jaded porno fans of the time. It's blatant sexuality proved to be so controversial, the producers were forced to change the title to College Coed. Although "Historic Erotica" recently

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петак, 11. новембар 2011.

Women in Cages (1971)

Women in Cages
In Women in Cages Carol 'Jeff' Jeffries (Jennifer Gan) is set up by her boyfriend who she doesn't realise runs a ship-board prostitution, gambling and drug dealing empire. Thrown into a harsh prison she encounters Alabama (Pam Grier), a sadistic lesbian guard fond of torture. Cell

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четвртак, 10. новембар 2011.

The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann (1974)

The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann
HD Transfer of Uncut Hardcore Version (83 mins) vith full Length Audio Commentary from Radley Metzger
A wealthy businessman hires a Private Eye to follow his beautiful wife while he's at work. But all is not what it seems.
Further info in the review below

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среда, 09. новембар 2011.

Laura, les ombres de l'été (1979)

Laura, les ombres de l'été
From the internationally acclaimed master of erotica, David Hamilton (Bilitis, Tendres Cousins), comes this journey through innocence, beauty and sensuality.
In Laura, les ombres de l'été Paul Thomas Myler (James Mitchell) is a celebrated sculptor and recluse who

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уторак, 08. новембар 2011.

DeRenzy Tapes (1989)

DeRenzy Tapes
Does anyone do it better than erotica's legendary producer-director? Hardly! The name is Alex De Renzy and no one else comes close! Now, for the first time, the erotic master's most sizzling scenes from his award winning movies are available on videocassette. And what scorchers!

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понедељак, 07. новембар 2011.

Porno Holocaust (1981)

Porno Holocaust
Insel der Zombies
Orgasmo Nero II
A scientific expedition is launched to examine strange biological mutations on a deserted island that was once used for nuclear testing. There are rumours of crabs, turtles, and rodents growing to massive sizes on the remote island, as

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субота, 05. новембар 2011.

Beast in Space (1980)

Beast in Space (1980)
La bestia nello spazio

This is hardcore version of the Beast in Space (1980)
Sirpa Lane, star of the notorious art-house porno The Beast, returns to star in this unofficial sci-fi sequel Beast in Space (1980) produced five years after the original and featuring the

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петак, 04. новембар 2011.

Zazel: The Scent of Love (1997)

Zazel: The Scent of Love
A breakthrough film in several ways, Zazel: The Scent of Love focuses almost as much on sensual imagery as it does on sexual heat. The film is ostensibly about the search for the perfect perfume; Zazel (Sasha Vinni) a world-famous artist is assigned to create the most

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четвртак, 03. новембар 2011.

Sextet (1997)

Sextet (1997)
One day, a producer, more persuasive than the others, convinces Fovea to accept a small part in the movie "SEXTET", which he is about to shoot. On the shooting, three actresses and three actors film their sexual performances themselves.
First authentic experience of Fovea in a

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среда, 02. новембар 2011.

Floppers (1970's)

Floppers (1970's)
Boobs...Cans...Juggs...Hooters...Tits...Mounds...It Doesn't matter what you call them, we knoy what they are, and we know that we love them! Historic Erotica is proud to presentour latest offering for all the chest men out there...Floppers! A bountiful display of bouncy boobs

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уторак, 01. новембар 2011.

Special Delivery (1998)

Special Delivery
So Brooke Lane's a Courier, see, and she delivers the goods immediately or overnight depending upon the needs of the client. But when she walked onto a porno set to deliver a package, her life changed forever. Now she delivers her little box immediately or overnight, depending

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