понедељак, 16. јануар 2012.

Pulsions Inavouables (1986)

Pulsions Inavouables
Der sextolle Frauenarzt West Germany
Sabine Kalleitner discovers that her gynaecologist husband has been cheating on her with a patient when she finds the patient's ear ring. She arranges to meet the patient and they have lesbian sex in the patient's car.
Then her husband and Christophe Clark have a threesome with a stripper (Chantal Trobert) and Sabina discovers

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недеља, 15. јануар 2012.

Prom Girls (1988)

Prom Girls
Alex deRenzy's Prom Girls USA (complete title)
It's prom time at The Cumberland School For Ladies. But brother, these delicious debutantes ain't no ladies! And straight-laced Miss Plenty is going to make sure no hanky panky goes on at this year's prom. Fat chance! In the garden, Candy is cramming (but not for exams!) with Tommy. Sally is having a frantic dress fitting with

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субота, 14. јануар 2012.

Orgasmo nero (1982)

Orgasmo nero
Black Orgasm
Orgasmo negro
Les Plaisirs d’Hélène
La Salamandra dalla pelle di luna
Voodoo Baby
Voodoo Baby - insel der ledenschaft
Woodoo Baby - Sex und schwarze Magie in der Karibik
Sex and Black Magic

Joe D'Amato throws together sex, voodoo and a little bit of cannibalism in this 1980 outing (Uncut harcore version). Paul (Richard Harrison) and Helen

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петак, 06. јануар 2012.

Des femmes pour Gourpanof (1983)

Des femmes pour Gourpanof
Il Predatore invisibile Italy
The Woman of Gourpanoff International (imdb display title) (English title)
Yves Callas is a wimpy accountant who lusts after office colleagues Eva Kleber and Marianne Aubert. He gets run down by Jacques Marbeuf while riding his

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Overnight Sensation (1992)

Turn Her On.
You know how it goes. Money's a little short, time to tighten the belt...or, unbuckle it altogether. Debi Diamond sparkles as the girl who's decided not to let her assets go to waste. Talk about a natural! This is one debut you won't want to miss. OVERNIGHT SENSATION: Take

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четвртак, 05. јануар 2012.

Joy (1983)

Joy (1983)
Joy - 1 1/2 Stunden wilder Lust West Germany
Joy, Uma Mulher de Luxo Portugal (imdb display title)
Rakkaani Joy Finland
This is the story about Joy who falls in love with an older man (she has been looking for her missing father all her life), and then travels around Paris

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уторак, 03. јануар 2012.

Les faveurs de Sophie (1984)

Les faveurs de Sophie
Madam Sophie's Favourites
Madame Sophie's Favourites

In Les faveurs de Sophie Sophie is a student fending off her boyfriend while trying to study, when she gets a phone call from a lawyer. It turns out that she has inherited a large house and its contents from

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