понедељак, 31. октобар 2011.

Lady Godiva Rides (1969)

Lady Godiva Rides
When an English lord finds his wife Lady Godiva in bed with her lover Tom Jones they have to leave the country and go to the USA. Lady Godiva Rides ends up in a brothel and when Tom wants to save her he is challenged to a duel by the owner of the brothel.

An elucidative

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Orgie extra conjugale (1982)

Orgie extra conjugale
In Orgie extra conjugale Two couples have nowhere to stay in Paris; so they go to Moanie's apartment. After making it clear that the men are to sleep in a different room to the girls; she goes off to her own room. She masturbates on the bed for a while, then takes a bath.

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недеља, 30. октобар 2011.

John Holmes Non-Stop (1988)

John Holmes Non-Stop
Relive the Lusty Legend! Pure, classic erotica form the only man worthy of being showcased in the Non-Stop series: John Holes. No name from X-rated's Hall of Fame can compare with this awesome 14 and a half inch cocksman. Modern-day erotica was literally founded in the

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субота, 29. октобар 2011.

Swedish Erotica 112: K.C. Williams (1980′s)

Swedish Erotica 112: K.C. Williams
The Swedish Erotica series rolls on, this time spotlighting KC Williams. Re-Digitized Footage featuring KC Williams in scenes from some of her best movies, such as: A Little Massage, Sorprise, Ladies Bathroom, Fuck Me Please, Let's Go Play, and Thanks For

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Katharina und ihre wilden Hengste, Teil 2 (1983)

Katharina und ihre wilden Hengste, Teil 2
The film is based on the well-known historical facts about the sexual promiscuity of Empress Catherine the Great. The film is filled with a variety of orgies: Rite of Passage guardsmen in the lovers of Queen, orgies in the palace after the execution of

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Katharina und ihre wilden Hengste, Teil 1 (1983)

Katharina und ihre wilden Hengste, Teil 1 - Katharina, die nackte Zarin
Catherine the Great
Catherine the Naked Czarina
Katarina the Great
Katarina, the Naked Czarina

Legendary, german porn about Catherine the Great. Reportedly the most expensive German Adult movie ever made. Directed

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недеља, 23. октобар 2011.

La rabatteuse (1978)

La rabatteuse
La Mujer gaucho
The Oddest Couple

Robert (Ghislain Van Hove) agrees to keep an eye on the his friends' girlfriend while the other is out of the country. The girl in question, Jocelyne (Brigitte Lahaie), in return persuades any woman who catches Roberts fancy to a carnal

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субота, 22. октобар 2011.

Flashpoint (1998)

Flashpoint (1998)
Flashpoint (1998) is far one of the 10 best adult films of all time. Jenna Jameson is at her best in this one folks. A very good orgy scene during the middle of the movie on a firetruck no less. Jill Kelly steals her scenes quite handidly and there is a very good scene with a

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петак, 21. октобар 2011.

Maitresse Pour Couple (1980)

Maitresse Pour Couple
Maitresse d'amour
Maîtresse pour couple
Mistress for a Couple
Rencontres perverses
Le Sexe à tout faire
Triangulo de sexo

In Maitresse Pour Couple Georges is head over heels in love with Claire, his lover. Since he is still has nice feelings towards his

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четвртак, 20. октобар 2011.

Sinfonia Erotica (1980)

Sinfonia Erotica
One of the many Jesus Franco's adaptations from the work of Marquis De Sade (Justine's de Bressac episode), SINFONIA EROTICA postpones the action to more than a century later, plunging it in that late-romantic, languid and decadent atmosphere so perfectly embodied by Liszt’s

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La femme en noir (1988)

La femme en noir
La femme en noir is One of the best Marc Dorcel films from the late 1980s....

In La femme en noir roberto Malone is a rich man who is obsessed by females in windows' weeds as a result of some upskirt glimpses, as a teenager, of female relatives after a funeral. He has a

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среда, 19. октобар 2011.

Scommessa Fatale (1990s)

Scommessa Fatale
Calcio scommesse
The Wager Dir. given as Max Belloccio SAP

To the main advantages of Scommessa Fatale can be attributed part of Simona Valli . Very beautiful brown-eyed brunette with a good figure. However, the actress and the rest do not let us down.

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